Bluebell Studio Baby Prints

Foot & Hand Prints

Tiny hands and feet can be captured forever making a wonderful keepsake for new parents or a present for the grandparents. This can be achieved by one of two methods.

Paint Prints

Little hands and feet are simply sponged with child safe glaze and then printed onto your selected bisque item.
Writing of your choice can be added to make wonderful mementos or gifts.
Your prints will be ready within a week.

Clay Prints

•Little hands and feet are carefully pressed into soft, white clay, and then cut to shape.
•The prints are left to dry for two weeks before their first firing.
•They are then painted, the writing added, the item glazed and then re-fired.
•The result is a beautiful keepsake that can be hung as a plaque or mounted in a frame.
Please allow three weeks for the complete process.

We are even able to take prints from your pet to create a unique keepsake!

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Creative pottery sample - twin girls feet

Crative Baby print with foot and hand

memory plack with babies feet impressed